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All mechanical and electrical products have a serviceable life. With so many moving parts ( a roller shutter can have up to 100) wearing at different rates it is not uncommon for one link in the chain to fail.

At Sprint we carry a vast array of replacement parts for our own doors as well as replacement parts for other manufacturers enabling us to renew your broken door within a very short time frame keeping your business moving.


A damaged door is not unlike a broken door, the main difference is the link in the chain that has failed has done so due to external forces. Our inventory that we carry for breakdowns is the same list of parts that also gets your damaged door up and running again, the main difference with a damaged door is the onsite time is normally a little longer as the damaged parts that need to be removed and renewed are not in a “bolt off”“bolt on”state like i a breakdown.

Our highly skilled techs have “been there”and “done that”so the only surprise will be how quickly we can keep your business moving.


Unfortunately there comes a time when it is not an economically viable option to repair and the best long term solution is to replace the worn out part or even the whole door.

Generally most replacement parts can be fitted that day, however major components like drums and curtains are tailor made for that specific opening some time to manufacture must be allowed for usually 36 hours for none powder coated and upto 5 days for powdercoated.


The best way to avoid breakdowns and enjoy a long service life is with scheduled maintenance. To maintain a manufactures warranty your door must be serviced every 6 months (for an average of 10 cycles per week). Doors such as car park and fire doors where high cycle and fail safe operation is required are recommended to be serviced with shorter intervals. We advised consulting one our techs to tailor a package based on your needs and usage.

When a service package is selected with your new door package we are able to offer generous extended warranties. Ask us how.